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Below you can find information on how you can quickly and easily plan your treatment at our clinic and a safe trip and stay in Kraków, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


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We are open to any questions regarding the treatment process including costs, payments and cost reimbursements from insurance companies. We reply to all enquiries immediately, but no later than within 24h in case of a large number of enquiries. In order to receive a quick and exhaustive answer on treatment options and costs, please follow the following enquiry format:

    • contact details
    • your expectations regarding treatment and a description of current problems
    • good quality photos of your teeth made with a mobile phone – you can find a guide on our website
    • digital X-Ray images or – if you have analogue or hard copies of X-Ray images – photos of X-Ray images taken with a mobile phone
    • possibly a treatment plan prepared by a local dentist (the important parts are tooth identification numbers and descriptions of procedures, not the cost estimation)
    • brief description of your general health – mainly information about any chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, heart attack, stroke), autoimmunological diseases (e.g. psoriasis, collagenosis), metabolic diseases (e.g. advanced diabetes), cancer (leukaemia, cancer chemo/radiotherapy) and allergy to metal and composite resin.

After receiving an enquiry in the format presented above, our specialist medical staff will prepare an initial treatment plan and a cost calculation; in case of doubts we contact the patient directly over the phone. All our patients can talk directly to the doctor and have a consultation over the phone (in English). We make every effort to ensure that our patients always receive full and precise information about their proposed treatment, including a cost estimation.


The fastest and cheapest way to get to Kraków is by plane. There are two airports that serve the city of Kraków: Kraków Airport (KRK) and Katowice Airport (KTW).

We suggest that you book your plane tickets well in advance (it’s much cheaper) after you’ve received information on your treatment dates and duration from us.


During the first consultation at the clinic, after examining the patient and performing full radiological diagnostics, we’ll prepare a detailed treatment plan with costs, covering the entire suggested course of treatment with any subsequent stages. This means that the patient will receive a full cost estimate without any hidden costs. Treatment plans are prepared in several variants (if possible) so that the patient can freely choose the treatment option most suited to their expectations and priorities. The treatment options may differ in terms of: scope of procedures performed, speed, number of visits in Kraków, aesthetic result, durability and price. The entire medical documentation used at the clinic is in English – this includes the patient’s information sheet and all information brochures, treatment consents and cost estimates. Treatment plans are discussed with the patient in a separate, private room. Additionally, we use ready implant-prosthesis models, as well as videos and 3D animations to explain the treatment methods to the patient and to show the expected end results. We pay particular attention to 3D visualisations and digital smile design (MSD – Magnadent Smile Design). This non-invasive and fast technology allows our patients to see for themselves what their teeth are going to look like, which makes it much easier for them to make decisions, for instance on the scope of planned treatments (e.g. the number of teeth to be covered with ceramic veneers). Digital smile analysis also allows us to show all dental issues identified in the patient on a large HD screen and to display an immediate virtual simulation, as well as a physical (plastic) composite simulation of their new and improved smile.


The patient receives a full cost estimate for the planned treatment before the treatment begins. If for medical reasons a need arises during a procedure to introduce any changes (extend or reduce its scope), the patient is immediately informed about it and about the causes, and receives a modified treatment plan with an updated cost estimate. A typical example would be the inability to save a tooth despite making treatment attempts or a very low quality of the patient’s bone tissue, found mid-surgery while introducing dental implants. Payments for dental treatments are made at the end of the day, after the patient’s last appointment, only for treatments already performed. Patients always receive an invoice in English with a full description of all treatments performed, included in the settlement. In case of implant-based treatment, patients also receive international warranty certificates in English for the specific implant system. Patients can choose between two payment methods: cash or debit/credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro). Our clinic has been treating international patients for over 10 years and all our staff members have extensive experience in overcoming bureaucratic obstacles in the treatment cost reimbursement process. During the first consultation all patients receive precise information about their eligibility for cost reimbursement (there are specific medical regulations that set out which diseases can be eligible for cost reimbursement and on what terms with regard to individual insurance companies) and the necessary treatment method to meet the insurance company’s requirements (e.g. highly specialised implant-prosthetic treatments must only be performed by dentists with the second, i.e. highest degree of specialisation in the relevant discipline). Within around 3-4 weeks after finishing treatment at our Kraków-based clinic, all patients eligible for cost reimbursement can request to receive an electronic and hard copy of a full set of documents required by their insurance company (medical report, insurance questionnaires, invoices, radiological test results, etc.).


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