Example prices of the most popular medical procedures in EUR.

Current as of 2022

Digital X-Ray image of a single tooth  FREE
Panoramic digital X-Ray image of all teeth  FREE
Specialist consultation (including implantological consultations)  FREE
Local anaesthesia  FREE
3D CT scan (CBCT)  from 75
MSD (MAGNADENT Smile Design) – digital dental reconstruction and design with an aesthetics analysis of your future smile  from 190
Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”)  from 150
Intravenous sedoanalgesia performed by an anaesthesiologist (“narcosis”)  from 380
Full cleaning of all teeth – 2 arches (ultrasound scaling, sand-blasting, polishing and fluoride therapy) 100
In-office  immediate teeth whitening – Beyond POLUS Advanced system (both arches) 270
Light-cured composite filling from 120
Endodontic treatment (“root canal” treatment) – 1 root canal from 160
Periodontological treatment – both arches from 290
Tooth crown reconstruction with glass fibre posts after endodontic treatment from 170
Metal crown with ceramic covering 380
All-ceramic crown from 640
All-ceramic crown made of zirconia ceramics from 550
Composite inlay 300
Ceramic inlay IPS e.max Ceram® 550
Ceramic veneer IPS e.max Ceram® 550
Full acrylic denture from 550
Full frame denture from 740
Tooth extraction from 90
A – PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) – implantation of an autogenous fibrin clots obtained from the patient’s blood From 160
Cerabone bone-forming biomaterial (Botiss – Germany) – 0.5g From 220
Augmentation (implantation) of bone tissue 300
Closed sinus lift from 480
Dental implant (SGS, NEO-BIOTECH, ANKYLOS, STRAUMANN systems) – the screw only from 850
Surgical exposure of an implant and a healing ring for the implant from 100
Standard titanium implant abutment from 300
Metal crown with ceramic covering on a dental implant 550
Dental implant – full set: screw, healing ring, abutment, crown from 1830
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