MAGANADENT Dental Clinic is a unique dental practice as it employs 12 experienced and highly-qualified doctors working according to standardised procedures aimed at eliminating pain and fear, which combined with a carefully selected treatment plan, chosen at the initial stage of consultation with the patient (inclusive of our digital smile design), allows us to maximally reduce the duration of treatment.

  1. Continuous (24h) assistance provided by an English-speaking clinic representative.
  2. A team of experienced high-class professionals specialising in a niche area of dentistry who have been working together for over 12 years according to specific standards, which facilitates fast and effective implementation of complex, highly-specialised treatment plans.
  3. A unique pain-free treatment system: inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), sedoanalgesia performed by anaesthesiologists (“narcosis”), sedatives and computer-controlled local anaesthesia instead of traditional needles.
  4. MSD (MAGNADENT Smile Design) – digital dental reconstruction and design with an aesthetic analysis.
  5. A personal approach to treating all patients, i.e.:
    • written treatment plans with full cost estimates without any hidden costs, covering the whole course of treatment rather than just the first stage!
    • a number of treatment options available, different in terms of quality, aesthetics, durability, duration and price
    • taking patients’ expectations into account while preparing treatment plans in terms of logistics (treatment duration), aesthetics and functionality
  6. Highly-specialised complex procedures performed with speed – thanks to synchronised work of 12 specialists all under one roof with 3 of the biggest dental technical laboratories in Kraków at their disposal
  7. Preparation of complete documentation for insurance companies


If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention, please call (+48) 887-023-853 (ENGLISH)

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