1. All payments are made in cash in Polish złoty (PLN) or in Euro (EUR), or by debit/credit card in Polish złoty (PLN). We accept the following debit/credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro. We do not accept: American Express, Diner’s Club or traveller’s cheques. Debit/credit card payments are only accepted in Polish złoty (PLN). The invoice value expressed in Euro is converted into Polish złoty according to the official average EUR/PLN exchange rate published daily at 12:00 by Narodowy Bank Polski (payments made before 12:00 – according to the exchange rate from the previous day, payments after 12:00 – according to the exchange rate from that day). The official currency in Poland is Polish złoty and all operations in the credit/debit card settlement system are performed in PLN.
  2. Payments for performed treatments are made after the last appointment on a given day (for example in case of 3 appointment on one day, an invoice is raised after the last appointment). In case of payments for prosthetic treatment (all works which need to be performed at the prosthetic laboratory) half of the fee is settled after the first appointment, during which the teeth are prepared and tooth impressions are made, and the second half is settled after the next appointment, after fitting the final prosthesis.
  3. It is possible to pay for treatments performed with bank transfer in Euro provided that the transfer is made immediately after the treatment at the clinic and that the patient generates an electronic payment confirmation with the use of computer equipment provided.
  4. After prior consultation with MAGNADENT and after issuing a WRITTEN promissory note it is possible to pay for PART of the treatments performed with a deferred bank transfer in Euro. The deferred transfer payment procedure:
    1. requires a written promissory note issued by the clinic and must be agreed-upon in advance (before commencing treatment). As part of the procedure the patient is obliged to sign relevant documents authorising the clinic to initiate court enforcement proceedings for outstanding balances in case of a lack of payment or a delay in payment.
    2. after signing the promissory note authorising the clinic to initiate the debt enforcement proceedings, the patient receives a hard copy and an electronic copy, sent by e-mail, of the transfer invoice with precise instructions on how to make an international transfer.
    3. the standard deferred payment term is maximally 14 days. In rare cases the clinic and the patient may agree on a different payment timeframe. If the payment is delayed by 3 days, the patient receives a reminder. If the payment is not made within the next 3 days, another reminder is sent with a 3-day payment term. In case of no contact between the patient and the clinic and a lack of payment after 3 more days, the unpaid invoice together with the enforceability deed are submitted to a debt collection company, while the patient’s personal details are reported to the Central Register of Debtors in the patient’s country of residence.
  5. Patients travelling with cash can deposit their money in the clinic’s safe.