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At MAGNADENT, we adjust to our patients’ expectations. Everyone who reports at our clinic for treatment is treated individually and looked after directly by an English-speaking clinic representative, who remains at the patient’s disposal 24h per day: from the time of reporting at the clinic, until the patient is taken to the airport after treatment. We arrange travel, accommodation in Poland and tourist attractions throughout the course of treatment. Patients are not charged ANY additional fees for the 24h assistance of an English-speaking member of staff. The only cost are medical procedures, charged according to the clinic’s official price list.
We are open to all kinds of requests and suggestions from our patients, so please let us know about your preferences and expectations regarding your treatment and stay in Kraków before you travel. We know the Kraków tourist services market very well, which is why we are able to recommend all kinds of services, not only medical, but also related to culture, entertainment, shopping, beauty and SPA. We understand that many patients have health or personal issues or needs, which is why we make an effort to adjust to our patients’ wishes and expectations throughout their stay. So feel free to tell us about your expectations!
Our philosophy, actions and logistics, as well as the procedures performed at our clinic are aimed at creating a sense of security, with 24h assistance of an English-speaking clinic representative while you stay in Kraków, who also offers support before you arrive and after you have returned home. Our job is to treat people and to make their dreams of a beautiful smile come true, which is why we are fully aware that not everything can be predicted, so we never leave patients unassisted! This also applies to post-treatment care, when our patients want to settle the costs of their treatment abroad with the local insurance company or expect a medical consultation and exact information on their health and medical procedures.


Our dental and medical tourism offer is addressed at international patients who expect the highest quality of healthcare services provided in the shortest possible time frame, at very attractive prices.
MAGNADENT acts with a great passion and dedication, working on the European dental tourism market for many years, and holds an impeccable reputation among all patients benefitting from its services. We offer safety and 24h specialist assistance provided by an English-speaking representative during the whole course of treatment and your entire stay in Kraków.
Our clinic and our team of highly-qualified and experienced medical professionals have been treating international patients since 2003 – 15 doctors, including 12 second degree specialists (consultants) and 5 medical doctors (PhD). The medical team is led by Krzysztof Gończowski, DDS, PhD, world-renowned endodontics specialist, lecturer, teacher inventor of innovative surgical tools and most of all an excellent medical practitioner with a Polish and Norwegian medical licence (PWZ-PL: 2658170, HPR-NO: 10037928).

Complimentary services provided to all patients staying at MAGANDENT Dental Clinic during the course of treatment:

  1. 24h ongoing assistance provided by an English-speaking clinic representative in case of any unforeseen events, any special needs, expectations or any other issues connected to the patient’s stay in Kraków (24h Helpline: 0048-887-023-853, Mon-Fri 9:00AM-7:00PM, 0048-727-55-66-00)
  2. Transfer from and to the airport on board of luxurious Mercedes S-class cars with an English-speaking driver employed by our company.
  3. Plane ticket reservations. We know the current flight schedule very well, especially in terms of budget airlines and both airports which serve the city of Kraków (Kraków Airport – KRK, Katowice Airport – KTW). We can purchase a ticket on the patient’s behalf at an attractive price.
  4. Accommodation booking – a wide range of options available: from low-cost apartments to five-star hotels, to small exclusive boutique hotels in the Old Town area of Kraków or outside the city centre (according to the patient’s request). Moreover, we have partnered with the QHotel located 100m from the clinic, which offers a high accommodation standard at a very attractive price.
  5. We can book tours around Kraków and its surroundings (e.g. Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Auschwitz, Zakopane etc.) and recommend the most exciting places to visit, which you will not find in tourist guidebooks.
  6. Dental examination and specialist consultation with our professional team.
  7. A detailed treatment plan with specific descriptions of all planned treatments, information about the treatment time frame and precise financial calculation of the entire course of treatment, including any subsequent stages with no hidden costs.
  8. Diagnostic plaster models of teeth.
  9. Panoramic X-Ray.
  10. RVG – digital X-Ray images of individual teeth.
  11. Digital inner-mouth images of teeth.
  12. Traditional local anaesthesia with carpoules.
  13. Completely pain-free local anaesthesia with CCLADS (Computer Controlled Local Anaesthesia Delivery System) – the latest WAND STA® system.
  14. Sedation through oral sedatives for patients with dentophobia and nervous hyperactivity.
  15. Medication administered before the procedure (antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication, sedatives).
  16. Removal of surgical stitches.
  17. Post-treatment kit: special soft toothbrush, mouthwash, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory gel.
  18. Welcome pack: toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, sugar-free chewing gum, map of Kraków, ICE card (In Case of Emergency) with contact details of a special 24h Emergency Helpline in English, brochures with information on treatment methods and materials used at our clinic.
  19. Assistance services (concierge) at the clinic, including: coffee, tea, cold drinks, Internet access, computer and printer, English papers and magazines etc.

15 consultants specialising in all areas of dentistry, working in Poland and abroad

Highest quality treatments (12 years of experience in medical tourism)